Imagine being able to run the same effects in VST, Wwise, FMOD, UE4, Unity, and more, and being able to remote into a game and rewrite the sound in real-time. Imagine audio logic decoupled from the environments you're working with, creating entirely new workflows by allowing your existing tools to talk in ways not previously possible.

Innovation is collaboration, and collaboration needs a shared language.

main = {sr in
  notes = [69, 76, 72, 68]
  amp = 0.01
  out: float = sin(phasor * 2 * PI) * amp

  phasor = 0 fby (prev + (hz / sr)) % 1
  note = notes.streamify(0.5 * sr)
  hz = midiToHz(note)

Introducing: Intonal Sound Shaders

Intonal is an LLVM-powered programming language built to make audio easy. It lets you deal with sound all in one environment - like a black box that you can pop open the hood and tweak.
Right now, it exists as a text programming language, and we are building a node-based visual editor. While connected from our desktop app to any one of our Sound Shader integration plugins, you can make JIT-compiled real-time changes.

Node Editor

Easily apply pre-existing filters or create your own effect that can be as granular as individual samples.


Create custom interfaces.

Intonal Language

For those with a more technical bent, write code directly in the Intonal language, a new LLVM data flow language designed specifically for audio editing.

Integrate Anywhere

Use our first party plugins and hear your work directly in popular game engines, audio middlewares, or DAWs.

Real-time editing

See (and hear) your changes in real time as you make changes.

Customer Driven

Don't see an integration or feature that you think should exist? Let us know.

Join us Building the Future of Audio

We are currently running a limited closed beta with the text language.
Are you frustrated with your tools?
Are you excited about the future of generative and procedural audio?
We can't wait to see you make!

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We would be excited to have you along with us on this journey!

What Elastic does that I'm extremely excited about is that it's a fundamental toolset that will work in any environment. The toolsets that I've been using … basically can't do this.

--Andrew Lackey

Award winning sound designer on projects from The Matrix to Ori and the Blind Forest

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